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Notice to all customers

For the convenience of financial accounting and export processing, starting from December 27, 2021, our export business will be handled by our sister company Qingdao FOCREA International Trade Co. The export contract is made payable to FOCREA International.

In fact, both of our companies are operated by the same legal entity – Mr. CHEN FENG. The business and service teams of QDCFM are still in place and this decision was made only for financial accounting convenience. We hope our customers will understand that we use FOCREA International as our export letterhead.

The foreign agents we used to work with are still working together as agents. Just contact the QDCFM team that you have contacted before.

For new customers and agents, whether you find QDCFM directly or are referred from our sister company FOCREA, you still need to negotiate directly with QDCFM for your business cooperation.