TSBDG-20 Automatic nail box machine, high-speed semi-automatic nail box machine, single-chip semi-automatic single-chip nail box machine, Taiwanese technology

Features and automation functions

The highest nail speed can reach 600 nails/min, which can be adjusted according to actual operation requirements
Touch screen operation, convenient and quick to set and change size, and fast to change orders
Three styles of single nail, double nail and reinforced nail can be used
Automatic adjustment of the first nail distance setting, electric adjustment of the thickness of the cardboard
Power on phase sequence and pressure self-check to avoid malfunction and damage due to negligent operation
Equipped with automatic wire feeding mechanism for large coil nail wire, saving time and cost (optional)
The automatic operation is simple and convenient, and the experienced personnel of misoperation can get started quickly
Sole proprietorship in Taiwan, the main machinery parts and automation equipment are all imported to ensure quality

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Weight 2000 kg
Dimensions 2600 × 1900 × 1900 cm