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DDS Series Box Stitching Machine

Our DDS box stitching machine features:

  • Touch screen operation, quick size change.
  • The operation is easy and no experience is required.
  • There are two modes of single-nail and double-nail.
  • The highest nail speed can reach 600 nails/min, which can be adjusted according to actual operation requirements.
  • Equipped with an automatic lubrication system, the oil supply cycle can be customized according to needs.
  • The first nail distance setting is automatically adjusted, and the position of the upper and lower nail heads can be adjusted at will.
  • Power on phase sequence and air pressure self-check to avoid malfunction and damage due to negligent operation.
  • Equipped with automatic wire feeding mechanism for large coil nail wire, saving time and cost (optional).
  • The size adopts fully automatic control.
  • Taiwan’s sole proprietorship, the main machinery parts, and automation equipment are all imported to ensure quality.